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Keeping the Court Honest

One of the most common problems we hear is that the judge is biased or outright corrupt or that opposing counsel behaves badly in Court.  A Rule 22 motion allows us to notify the Court that we intend on recording the proceedings.  We often take an extra step to ensure that your children's rights are respected.  This can be done for both in-person and virtual court hearings.  We have had extraordinarily positive feedback on this.

If you want us to consider your case for us to do a Rule 22, please click below and send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • Contact information (Name & Phone Number);

  • The Court your case is in and the case number;

  • All parties on the case (including GALs);

  • A brief description of your case; and,

  • Your next hearing date and time.

We may ask for additional documents, such as filed pleadings.  Please do not send us any privileged information.  We accept cases on a case-by-case basis as our availability permits.  A small donation to our organization will be required.

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